Ida Gyllensten can be seen in 2019 in Sagan om Dilan och Moa 2 directed by Sissela Benn and 2021 in The Thin Blue Line directed by Micke Hansson, on air at SVT.
Ida trained at Drama Centre London, Central St Martins College (where she performed in stage versions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Chekov's The Seagull) and additionally at the Stockholm National Academy.
Her credits include the TV-series Holby City against Patsy Kensit, Sex Traffic for Channel 4 in the UK, the Swedish series Elsas värld, the Swedish feature Spindelgången co-starring with musician Andreas Kleerup, the Norwegian road-movie Umeå4ever and the Swedish box office success A Midsummer Nights Party.
In 2016 Ida Gyllensten appeared in feature John Hron about a teenager murdered by neo-nazis in the 90's, directed by Jon Pettersson premiering at Montreal and having an extended run in Swedish cinemas during the latter half of the year ”a harrowing tale about our time” wrote journalist and former CEO of Aftonbladet TV Jan Scherman.
Ida also played a lead in German crime series Inspector and the Sea on Germany's ZDF, and appeared on SVT in comedy Må Underbart med Tiffany Persson.
In 2015 we saw Ida in tv-series Min Hemlighet, directed by Lisa Farzaneh and 2013 in the short film Inviting the Demon, directed by Henrik Möller. The film and Ida's performance garnered praise by journalist Fredrik Strage on ”TV4 Nyhetsmorgon”.
In 2012, Ida made an appearance in the stand-up show Portlandia: The Tour, directed by SNL's Fred Armisen, when the tour visited Stockholm and in 2011 she played the role of Helga in Katzelmacher, directed by Julia Beil, with Teater Tillsammans. The magazine Kulturen stated that it was ”a radiant piece of committed theatre”. Ida reunites with Teater Tilsammans and Julia Beil in Monsun at moment:teater in the spring of 2017.
In 2010 she performed the monologue Dumpad at the Laterna Magica during the Bergman week on the island of Fårö. The play was written and directed by Anusha Caroline Andersson on the subject of a break-up with the protagonist spiraling into a mid-life crisis and featured humor and dance. Ida also starred in the stage play När Solen Går i Moln, written by Robert Jelinek and Johan Bossman and directed by Johan Bossman, at the Teater De Vill in Stockholm.


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ZOO. Antonio Tublén. Supporting. Pingpong Film.
PLAYA DEL INGLÈS. Lead. Trailer. Alexe Landgren. Way Creative.
2017 MY FATHER DIED EVERY NIGHT. Lead. Short. Karen Helene Haugaard.Smartfilm.
2017 WOLF. Supporting. Short. Magdalena Staneva. Sold Entertainment.
2015 JOHN HRON. Supporting. Jon Pettersson. Glimmer Film.
2014 ANMERKUNGEN ZU EINEM SONNENBLUMENLIED. Artfilm. Fernando García-Dory. ACCWeimar/Halle 14 Leipzig.
2013 INVITING THE DEMON. Title role. Short. Henrik Möller. Mollerfilm.
2012 O. Lead. Artfilm. Virlani Rupini. Kungliga Konsthögskolan.
2012 SPINDELGÅNGEN. Lead. Svarta Svanen. Miuta Film/Zentropa.
2011 UMEÅ4EVER. Supporting. Geir Greni. SnurrFilm AS.
2009 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S PARTY. Supporting Staffan Lindberg. Stellanova Film.
2009 STRAW. Lead. Artfilm. Csaba Bene Perlenberg. Anton Bene Film.
2017 DRAMATIKERINNEN / MONSUN. Julia Beil. Teater Tillsammans. moment:teater.
2012 PORTLANDIA: THE TOUR. Fred Armisen. Hornstull Strand.
2011 KATZELMACHER. Julia Beil. Teater Tillsammans.
2009-10 DUMPAD. Anusha Caroline Andersson. Bergmanveckan - Teater Laterna Magica Fårö, Gagnef Skankaloss Dramalabbet & varuhuset PUB
2008 NÄR SOLEN GÅR I MOLN. by Robert Jelinek and Johan Bossman and directed by Johan Bossman, at Teater De Vill in Stockholm.
2004 ULTRAVIOLET (DEVISED). DAI. Battersea Arts Centre, London.
THIN BLUE LINE. Guest Star. Micke Hansson. Anagram.
SAGAN OM DILAN OCH MOA 2. Supporting. Sissela Benn. Anagram.
BONUSFAMILY. Supporting. Martin Persson. FLX.
SAGAN OM DILAN OCH MOA. Sissela Benn. Anagram.Lead. Thomas Roth. Network Movie.
2017 INGA LINDSTRÖM. Supporting. Marco Serafini. Bavaria Film.
2017 BROTTSLIGT. Supporting. Stina Hammar. SVT.
2016 INSPECTOR AND THE SEA. Lead. Miguel Alexandre. Network Movie.
2016 MÅ UNDERBART MED TIFFANY PERSSON. Supporting. Gunnar Svensén. Anagram for SVT.
2015 MY SECRET. Lead. Lisa Farzaneh. Mexiko Media.
2013 INSPECTOR AND THE SEA. Supporting. Thomas Roth. Network Movie.
2012 ELSAS VÄRLD. Supporting. Frans Wiklund. Tre Vänner.
2010 VÄLKOMMEN ÅTER! Supporting. Staffan Lindberg. Jarowskij.
2009 ENGLISH TOWN. Supporting. Herman Nygren. Team Tony.
2006 HOLBY CITY: WHAT LIES BENEATH. Supporting. A.J Quinn. BBC.
2004 SEX TRAFFIC. Featured. David Yates. Granada Television.
2017 WYL. Web series/public information, Max Landergård & Anderas och Henrik von Kern. Storstad for Stockholm muncipiality.
Born 1980, Height 170cm
Eyes: blue-green, Hair color: brunette
Yoga, Tai Chi, horse riding, some alpine skiing, good singer, forklift license.
Languages: Swedish (native), excellent English (British, American, French, Russian accents), fluent French.
2016 Ritual studies, Lund University
2015 Stunt training with Lasse Lundgren
2015 Singing with Pia Oldby, Teateralliansen
2012-13 London Music School
2010 Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, studies in voice, speech and classical texts
2008 ”FILM!” Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
2004-06 MA Performance, Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London





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